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Gokusen Gokusen jdrama t Japanese drama Drama

Gokusen Gokusen jdrama t Japanese drama Drama


Matsumoto Jun on Gokusen.

Gokusen | I wouldn't mind being a teacher if there's a Shin Sawada in · Japanese DramaAsian ...

Review: Gokusen 2 (2005)

Gokusen J-Drama (Japanese Drama)

JDrama Review: Gokusen Season 2

After 3 seasons of Gokusen Drama, The Gokusen Movie was finally produced in and being behind as I usually am~ I watched it in 2010 S.

Shipper Manifesto: Kumiko/Shin (Gokusen)

Gokusen · Japanese DramaAsian ...

The New Class

Gokusen belongs to its rightful owners (AKA: Not me) Gokusen Motivational

Gokusen 3. I adore these boys so much. The reason I love this drama to bits is because of the goofy, sincere, gruff, dorky, heartfelt, and wonderful ...

But for this blog I won't give my comments on each of them cause it takes a long time so I will just say that I don't recommend dramas I know most ...

Only a true blue japanese drama fan would know how irresistible these two actors are.

I only watched gokusen 3 for haruma miura. That smile tho. Japanese DramaKorean ...

gokusen 1 SAWADA CREW

Gokusen, Sawada Shin

Doesn't detract the drama quality though. hotaru2


My favorite Jdrama next to Gokusen! I really, really admire this drama because of the good-looking boys and the humors in them.

1.Sawada Shin

Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya in Gokusen 2. I've never watched it but

*cries with joy* Now if they just had a Gokusen movie with everyone meeting ^^" Would be epic to see.

Misaki Number One

Gokusen:Sawada Shin


Gokusen Season 3 (Japanese Drama).

Gokusen is the story of recently graduated Kumiko Yamaguchi, aka. Yankumi, and her life as a new high school teacher. Unlike the other new teachers at her ...

ごくせん (Gokusen) As Kumiko Yamaguchi begins her career as a high school teacher, · Japanese DramaHigh ...

Gokusen ep 1. Japanese DramaDrama MoviesOtaku

Gokusen (Japanese) Watched it for the third time, still felt the warmth : · Drama ...

... Japanese drama series. Yankumi in Gokusen 1 with her students

Gokusen formation b funny scene · Japanese DramaFunny ...

suka banget dia di gokusen, manis-manis nakal waks. Japanese DramaJapanese ...

Screenshot of Japanese drama ...


Their reaction to when they said that, "Yankumi was walking with some dude." | jdrama | Pinterest | Drama and Kdrama

JDrama Review: Gokusen Season 1

At first I hate (Well not really hate, but the role for 3-D's “leader” has a special place in my heart *cough*Matsumoto Jun *cough*) Yuya's role in G3 but ...

Honor and respect comes from both sides, but it's not necessarily a matter of “give and take”, because this leads to disappointment if any one side feels an ...

Gokusen Season 2 Screen Shots (Part 1)


Gokusen's Yankumi Unexpectedly Raised Heroes... And Villains?! - JEFusion

3. The Episode Focus

Gokusen season 1 Episode 1 English Sub

Jun Matsumoto as Shin Sawada, Gokusen 1 Shirokin Gakuen He is soooo kakkoi in this drama. I'm not getting tired to rewatching this drama again and again ...



GOKUSEN 3 - GMA's latest Japanese series starring Nakama Yukie. Pilot episode is on MARCH 23, 2009 under the Dramarama sa Hapon block. Report to Moderator



Upcoming Winter JDramas 2017. DramasFeatured

Gokusen: The Movie

I really love this Jdrama! It brings me back to the Gokusen days. HAHA

The beginner's guide to Japanese drama

Gokusen 3 add. 10. Japanese Drama - 2008

Yukie Nakama

Enough of summer season initial impressions for now! Amidst all the new anime, I stumbled across a 2011 spring J-drama titled Asuko March!

Oh my godddd its so unfair for Yukie and Jun to have such chemistry > Im so angry.

I've always been hesitate to watch live-action manga counterparts as they tend to be lackluster and ridiculous, however, Nodame had taught me otherwise.

Gokusen has to be my favorite. It has a few seasons, a movie, manga, and anime (apparently, but i never watched the anime).

Gokusen (Japanese Drama) Filming Locations

Gokusen. I watched part 1,2, 3 and the movie more than 5 times!! It's a old school drama!! But I learned a lot from it and the actors are handsome!

Tumbling poster

Gokusen: The Movie Poster

kamenashi kazuya and akanishi jin

Gokusen's Yankumi Unexpectedly Raised Heroes... And Villains?! - JEFusion

Gokusen- The Movie-01.jpg

Gokusen's Yankumi Unexpectedly Raised Heroes... And Villains?! - JEFusion

Top 100 Japanese Dramas 2017

Gokusen season 1 Episode 2 English Sub

Class 3-D

Gokusen 2 add. 8.0. Japanese Drama - 2005



Recommended JDramas and JMovies. Random · #amuse #drama #japanese ...

... roles (this was way back in 2002, after all)… even more interesting to see how they looked before the advent of eyebrow threading and orthodontia, lol.

Brief Plot: Sakuraba Junko, part-time english teacher, dreams of working in New York. She strives hard to achieve her dreams. Her life takes a turn when she ...

"Gokusen" _Ogata Yamato / Kazama Ren " Oretachi no Seishun" - YouTube

... Twitter: "This is actually a list of japanese actors who starred in jdramas from way back 5-10 years ago like Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi, Gokusen, GTO, ...

Why fix what isn't broken? Going back to all the same tropes that made it popular in the first place, Gokusen 2 watches almost identically to season 1.

#amuse #drama #japanese #jdrama #johnnys


I'm a huge fan of the way the Japanese interpret mangas into live action films and dramas.

However, this drama is way more than that. It is so heartfelt and sincere that even just listening to the soundtrack results in me sobbing. While in Gokusen ...

Click the picture to Enlarge :)

Miura Haruma has acted in many jdrama and recent movie "Koizora"... ^______^. Report to Moderator

Best of J-Drama Over the Last 15 Years [Japanese Drama]

He is looks like he's ready to fight. But the true uchi has cute side too. When a boy from other school try to hurt the dog he's ...

Moving on to the next Season, she handles the Class 3D of Kurogin Gakuen wherein she came across the paths of Misawa Hiro, the ever gorgeous Mizushima Hiro ...

Favorite Japanese High School Dramas