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Why the flu makes you feel so awful t

Why the flu makes you feel so awful t


Influenza gets a foothold in the respiratory tract but can make a person feel bad all over. Africa Studio/

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You've got chills (and they're multiplying)

Observing how your symptoms develop can give you a clue as to whether you have a

Are you feverish?

Feel like you're constantly catching a cold? Here's why some people never get sick - and others always do

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When you get the flu, it can keep you away from your regular life for awhile. The flu can make you feel so awful that you won't be able to go to ...

Flu season is well underway, and this one is bad — the CDC has rated this year's flu as “widespread” in 49 states, the most prevalent the virus has been in ...

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How bad this flu season really is—and what you should do about it

I hate when people say the shot made them sick. It's because you were fighting sickness already and the immune system decided to work on the flu shot and ...

Diagnose the flu with this one simple question Eldar Nurkovic/Shutterstock

how long to recover. Why sick ...

A healthy human T cell. Flickr/, CC BY-SA

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What Can I Do to Ease Flu Symptoms?

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How severe are your symptoms?

For some it starts with a sneeze and a snotty nose that just won't go away. The worst part is knowing that the flu has hit you and it's all downhill from ...

CDC Flu on Twitter: "Do you know these 10 important facts about #flu prevention? Read more in @NFIDvaccines blog-a-thon post here:… ...

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Guess you can't even start a casual conversation about being ill anymore ...

How does The Flu make you feel?

Winter illnesses—particularly influenza—can mean days or even weeks of misery for people who get sick. For others, catching the influenza ...

With most people, colds, and flu starts with a tickle in the throat and a clouded feeling in the head. Then the body starts to ache.

So are muscle aches, especially in the lower legs. I often tell families that influenza makes people feel so bad that patients will complain their hair ...

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Sad Face Bacon and Eggs

Enlarge / Influenza virus. Image produced from an image taken with transmission electron microscopy. Viral diameter ranges from around 80 to 120 nm.

So the sniffles have set in. At least you're in good company: There are always plenty of runny noses to go around this time of year — and hey, ...

Unfortunately my fever had gone down and I didn't feel as bad while I was at the clinic so I'm sure the doctor got the wrong impression.


Chronic Pain | Chronic Fatigue | Fibromyalgia | Its true - remember how awful you feel

The flu season is almost over. So how bad was it?

How to Treat the Stomach Flu at Home

If you are trying to determine if you have contagious gastroenteritis (a stomach bug) or just ate some bad food, you must think back about what you've done ...


FILE - In this Feb. 7, 2018 file photo, a nurse prepares a flu shot at the Salvation Army in Atlanta. The nation's nasty flu season has been fading for two ...

Do you have a cold or the flu? Use this guide to help you decide

Funny Sick Meme I Don't Know Who Got Me Sick But I Will Find

A cold makes it hard to breathe. When your sinuses get blocked, you might hurt too, especially around your forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nose.

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Ask Healthy Living: Why Do We Lose Our Appetite When We're Sick? | HuffPost


While it's recommended that you receive your flu shot by the end of October, flu activity can last as late as May, so a flu shot in January or later still ...

Influenza and Flu Vaccine Poster

Japan ...

If you have found your way to this site because you suspect that the symptoms you are experiencing may be due to low iron, iron deficiency or anemia, ...

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The shot is made w/viruses that have been inactivated (killed) & only broken up parts of the inactive virus are in the vaccine.

A nurse prepares a flu shot in Alberta in 2015. There's no good way to predict how bad the upcoming flu season will be. (Monty Kruger/CBC)

Signs and symptoms of Aussie Flu

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Don't Make These Mistakes

Having a disorder isn't a choice and it shouldn't make you feel guilty.

Dr Sue argues that research points towards men having a weaker immune response to common viral

Bad breath

Best (and Worst) Drinks When You Have a Cold

Several theories try to explain why we cough when we have the flu or common cold.

Don't be a baby. A flu shot doesn't hurt that bad and it won't give you the flu. But it might prevent or lessen the severity of one. This Jan.

I hope you all stay cold free, I'm feeling better….time for a run I think…better get dressed first!

Sepsis: David Carson explains how flu-like symptoms can have you fighting for your life hours later

This is why this flu season is so serious

'Flu-Like' Illnesses Spread Misery Nationwide

32 Myths About The Flu Vaccine You Don't Need To Fear

Should I Worry About Flu Vaccine Side Effects?

Data from CDC

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Why you should get a flu shot every year1:55

How to Get Through Cold and Flu Season Without Getting Sick

What is Keto Flu and how to cure keto flu #ketogenic #keto #carbflu

With similar symptoms, it can be a nightmare to tell if you have the flu

Authorities predict this year's flu season will be a bad one, based on what happened