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The Partisans No future punk oi label Original release 1983 8039s

The Partisans No future punk oi label Original release 1983 8039s


The Partisans No future punk oi! label Original release 1983

... The Partisans - The Partisans - UK LP 1983 (No Future - PUNK 4)

45cat - The Partisans - 17 Years Of Hell / Power And The Greed - No Future - UK - Oi 12

Announcing Burning Britain – a new 4CD box set that tells the story of independent UK Punk (1980 – 1983)

Compilation - Punk Collectors Series : No Future Singles Collection

... The Partisans - Police Story - UK CD 1992 (Anagram - CD PUNK 4)


No Man's Land Cover Story 2018. No Label Cassette Oi!

ZONE – Squeezed State CD

Figure 2 Covers of the first four Oi! compilations, released 1980–2.



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... UK 1981 No Future Oi 1 ...

The Partisans Bridgend Punk 1982

I actually got to see them in february 2004 at a hardcore fest at the 1in12 Club in Bradford.

AOA - Who are they trying to con (FULL) Seen this band many times, last time was in the late in aid of the miners families.

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We try not to put out any filler just to have more tracks on a release. I'd rather release three songs I love than add a bunch of filler tracks.

Oi PunksNotDead

Punk rock banlieusards avec des influences Ska & Oi, typiquement 80's !!! Ce LP comprend le maxi de 1986, ainsi que les 2 démos de 1985 et 1984.

I see labels release anthology's, re-releases, and other forms of collections for bands in the scene. Why has no one put a collection of Subway Thug songs ...

Anya Phillips & Debbie Harry, panel from Punk Magazine's "The Legend of Nick Detroit,"

This album is not be confused with the 1982 album, also titled "Sound & Fury", but containing an entirely different track listing. In fact, the 1983 version ...

Original No Future pressing. Side A:

ABADDON – Godzina Krzywd LP

The Guttersnipes - 17 great punk songs (Full album - Promo only on You Tube )

Debut LP from these Sunderland Punks. Check out more on Wiki.

The Concrete Elite camp is rolling out on their first official tour with Milwaukee's native sons, Assault & Battery. On the hottest day of 2015 in Milwaukee ...

... Mark "Miff" Smith (guitar, vocals) and Paul "Fatty" Price (bass) released only two seven inches in their original lifetime, 1978-1983. Black Punk ...

LYRICS: I'm forever blowing bubbles, Pretty bubbles in the air, They fly so high, nearly reach the sky, Then like my dreams they fade and die.

TOY DOLLS from fulwell to fukuora RARE BOOK oi! 80s punk

Powder Monki ~ Inspirations

One Way System - Writings on the wall (1983)

What made you want to start the band? We were all just testosterone driven kids lookin' to have our say. What better way than through music?

This was followed by one last tour of Scandinavia before the band dissolved due to outside commitments. A partial discography release on US label Desperate ...

A Maioria das fotos são de skins italianos, mas também vais encontrar algumas de skins ingleses e de bandas Oi!-Punk (The Business, Duane Peters, UK Subs, ...

What I would consider a classic. It's also the first time I heard double kick drums on a punk record.

03- Welcome to the Real World 04- No Emotions (New Version)

Cockney Rejects

The first band is Da Capo from Bristol. I must confess I don't know much about them other than they had a member in common with the mighty Gurkha (small ...


Powder Monki ~ Inspirations

What we might call "Post-Punk" responded to the perceived failure of Punk in 1976-1977. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, finally released ...

Partisans (The)

This 'White Power' band has been the soundtrack of racist punk for 40 years

Extended version of the original track that first appeared on the "The Heathrow Touchdown E.P." and was also on "Punk And Disorderly - Further Charges".

It was down to seminal Glasgow punk legends The Zips to close proceedings. We were treated to a career-spanning set starting with the topical 'Hear, ...

Blitz - ещё одна культовая фигура Британской punk/Oi! сцены 80-х. Группа собралась в 1980 году в Нью Милсе, графство Дербишир. Состав команды состоял из ...

Siouxsie and The Banshees were one of the first post-punk bands to make it big, forming in already releasing their second album Join Hands in September of ...

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous



Image result for MADONNA MADONNA

mark e smith review, melody maker, may 1982

Só no último dia é que houve umas cenas de porrada, umas correrias, uns vidrões virados...mas nada de especial. Mesmo assim no outro dia, o jornal local ...

... original used 2nd hand : Punk Music ,Punk Vinyl , Punk Rock Records ,Oi Records , Hardcore records from around the word ,between the years 1977-1987.

98: In spring 1983, Ira and Georgia traveled to Boston to see one of the final shows by Mission of Burma, one of their favorite bands.

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous

Johnny Cash- Logo sticker (st589)

Perfectors – (pic) Newport punk ...

the partisans / louise

Scarlett Moonlight, the US-based melodic rock/AOR band, have just released their latest single, I've Chased The Rain, in digital format in ...

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous

Twerps | Blood Spit Boys | [7″](Eat the Life, 2013) The Instigation | Brainwashed | The Instigation EP | [CD](S/R, 2013)

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous


Pioneers of Postpunk



The avant garde is way back. I am happier being a partisan, hanging out in the woods and then at the right time, I come and attack.” all texts by Chris Bohn

Global Hip Hop

Poetelli - The Death of Luigi Trastulli and Other Stories | Oral History | Folklore

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous

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The A-side is rollickin' fun and deeply British, keeping in step with what used to be called punk ...

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