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Strenuous action no match for these slacks Nostalgia Posters

Strenuous action no match for these slacks Nostalgia Posters


Slacks fit for all kinds of strenuous action . . . like sleeping in the doghouse

Dickies have been proud purveyors of quality workwear for almost 100 years. Read all about the brand's heritage and browse vintage Dickies imagery here.

'the game is broomsticks' - broomsticks slacks, ['ring around rosie. or carol. or eleanor, etc. but you can only play if you wear broomsticks slacks. but if ...

Kitschy Kitschy Coo: 7 Years Of Constipation. Find this Pin and more on Nostalgia Posters ...

Train Your Husband. Train Your Husband vintage poster- ...

Adventure Vol. 1, No. 4 (February 1911), ed. by Trumbull White. New York: The Ridgway Co., pp. 196.

All The Cool Cats Chewed Beatmint Gum In 1964 - Flashbak

Wright Casuals ad from Playboy, 1967

"Scorer" Slacks. Yes, he was a ninety pound weakling, but then he bought these pants. Now he is buff. Thank you h.i.s. Scorer Slacks. "

When I came across these vintage Seventeen magazine covers fro the I was astonished that this is the same Seventeen magazine around no.

If you were reading Maclean's through the 1930s, mostly what you were seeing week by week on the covers of Canada's National Magazine were portraits of ...



Picasso and the Painting That Shocked the World | Book by Miles J. Unger | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

It's Nice That | 1 Shilling (1/-): classic football programmes for “communities that used to hang on every pass, save and goal”


Frontsoldaten - The German Soldier in World War II - Stephen G Fritz | Censorship | Nazi Germany

The camera pans across the rooftops to the Thames and in a foggy street in the Whitechapel District, few venture forth. A horse and cart and the occasional ...


At the 1976 Filmex in Los Angeles, a startlingly original film appeared, apparently out of nowhere. Dark and brooding, its moody black and white images ...

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1920s USA Fashion Park Magazine Advert - Stock Image

Thomas P. M. Barnett ( is the author of The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century.

The original promotion for John Huston's Maltese Falcon (1941) bears little relation to the actual film. In this poster, the studio capitalized on Humphrey ...


1944 9781501125362 hr ...

1960 Ad Vintage h.i.s. Post-Grad Slacks Pants Men 60s Fashion Style YMM4

1967 ad in "Seventeen" magazine for the Beautybug Hairdryer - model is Molly Corby.

hugh jackman Variety cover

The eagle royal dragoons magazines the eagle 1967 by Chris Elliott - issuu

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permalink ...

I'm ever so rudely asked by both the Cats and the Kittens, if they can "cop a feel" of my shiny 100% Dacron Action Pants. Like a moth to flame, ...

Harbor hill 072

March of Dimes poster child, 1949. (Courtesy of the March of Dimes.

All of the stories published here are the original magazine versions [1], with the magazine artwork and cover for each story.

Louis B. Parks has a fun piece on collectible movie posters in the Sunday edition of The Houston Chronicle. Money quote from Turner Classic Movies host ...

Finally, we have Stan Laurel enacting the "holding up an unconscious woman" bit in The Jitterbugs (1943).

... the venue and the energy of the people, and then he blends what he sees with what he hears. Intertwining many styles for many faces from many places, ...

DJ Dougie Martell, was now settled in Denmark after three years of traveling around Europe working in hotels, night clubs and discotheques.

1938 Ad Iver Johnson Bikes .22 Bolt Action Safety Rifle 17 River St YAB3

Rappahannock Record covers Ellery Kellum Rock dedication

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The other night I did blow up like a broken rocket. A man I have always thought rather pretentious and silly, and who sells mutual funds, greeted me when I ...

By Their Blood : Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century — James and Marti Hefley

With a US release date of March 15, the Swedish actress will fill

[illustration] ...

The Man Who Could Go Either Way: The Many Faces of Cowboy Masculinity in 1950s American Film and Advertising


1972 photo of Alfred Hitchcock

This break in the heroic narrative of Britain gave a strong generational marking to the relationships between adults and youth.

1937 Ad Western Cartridge East Alton IL Xpert SuperX 22 Rifle Ammo LA YAB3

... serving ten years for killing the man who murdered his wife. His former partner (Massimo Vanni; BRONX WARRIORS 2 - 1983; here billed as "Patrick O'Neil ...

A Match Made in Heaven : A 2000-year Old Love Story (The Legend of an Indian Princess who Became the Queen of Korea)

This poster ...


Ep 233: “Insomnia is my obsessed lover” – Mahira Khan Talks Verna


... a team upon the field - a great team - without any appropriations from industry or business. Green Bay wishes the Packers good luck in their quest of a ...

These inane things make Melon Lights look like the internal combustion engine. Too lazy or crippled by carpal tunnel syndrome to carve a pumpkin?

Newton Review LIFF 2017

He was a member of Old Abe Aerie No. 1242, Fraternal Order of Eagles. The funeral took place on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.

24 (1913)

Journal of the History of Design and Curatorial Studies Parsons School of Design Issue No. 3 Spring/Summer 2017

What was so attractive that you decided to write this big biography? JACQUELINE JONES: I've been teaching American history for a while now.

Elegant preparations for the toilet

Of course, it is yet another example of the devilish VVP's plot for world domination through monopolization of the world's paint markets. MOooo Hahahaha!

3) Getting into high gear. Wonder what she's thinking about. Ah. Those high waisted crotch hugging pants.

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1960s UK Mens Fashion 1960s Magazine Advert - Stock Image

... a team upon the field - a great team - without any appropriations from industry or business. Green Bay wishes the Packers good luck in their quest of a ...

The Code of the ...

It's not on the list - but I love love love it.

Band Wagon_1953_Hollywood_Classics

Narratives with a Story Limit of Timelock

King Zomibies card.jpg

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Well, unless they looked as though they couldn't run fast and there was no one else around.

These guys all look like — I don't know how else to put this — grown-ups. By contrast, most of today's players look like boys, at least to me.

Blind Assassin Negotiating with the Dead collage

Bed Bug SuPPleMent: Lessons From the ...

Not the Triumph but the Struggle The 1968 Olympics and the Making of the Black Athlete | Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee | Ethnicity, ...

Our book today is David Drake's brutal, mesmerizing 1979 novel The Dragon Lord, the cover of which (featuring Howard Chaykin artwork, no less) proclaims “ ...

The Film Daily, Nov. 19, 1937. via: http://

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