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Resumen Vol 26 No 1 t

Resumen Vol 26 No 1 t


Secondary Efficacy End Points

Table 3. Adjudicated Outcomes in the On-Treatment Population.

Table 2. Effect of Denosumab on the Risk of Fracture at 36 Months. Figure 1.

Table 2. Rates of Death from Colon Cancer, According to Frequency of Aspirin Use, after the Exclusion of Patients Who Had Selected Illnesses at Enrollment.*

Table 1. Baseline Characteristics and Deaths in the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) Cohort, According to Smoking Status.

Primary and Secondary End Points at 1 Year.

Table 2. Safety End Points.

Figure 1. Effects of Canagliflozin on Glycated Hemoglobin Level, Body Weight, and Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure in the Integrated CANVAS Program.

Table 2 shows certain aspects related to the activity of paddle tennis tourism as

Table 1. Demographic and Disease Characteristics at Baseline in the Intention-to-Treat Population.

Table 2 List of challenges, lessons learned, and suggestions.

Colombia Médica Vol.

Volume 26: Call To Arms

1. Comparison of laboratory data and dialysis parameters between dialysis periods using a 5008 monitor and a 5008 CorDiax monitor (n=63) ...

Comparison of the total convective volume and its percentage with respect to purified blood in the five sessions with different blood flows; n=23, ...

Comparison of the convective volume between dialysis periods using a 5008 monitor and a 5008 CorDiax monitor (n=63) ...

differences in the total convective volume achieved with a catheter or arteriovenous fistula between sessions using

Following the indicated procedure it was found that the total number of calculated vehicles is close to 1'284.304, which represents the real value of ...

1 Proposed methodological framework for the performance evaluation of 3PL suppliers considering the risk.


Figure 1 Planned home births assisted by the Hanami Team. Santa Catarina, 2002 - 2012. (n=187)

TABLE 4 List of items of each construct

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Table 6 Synthethic oil fuel characterization

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? 26

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Italian, The Walking Dead vol.26: Chiamata Alle Armi (means: Call To Arms)

... it can be seen that the combinations given by FICA-Sym-Skew (0.81 ± 0.16) and FICA-Defl-Skew (0.92 ± 0.06) took in average less than 1 s to estimate the ...

Figure 1 Topics involved in this activity.

To decide on which generation root test should be used for testing, first it should be examined whether there is cross-section dependence.

Table 1 . Prevalence (P%), mean abundance (MA) and mean .

The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 1: Fundamental Algorithms, 3rd Edition: 9780201896831: Computer Science Books @


The Heart's Desire

Erika and Saijou story, Temptation from Rose

Table 6 Rating scale for the criterion transportation conditions

phosphorus-protein ratio of processed meat products according to the food composition tables and their

Figure 1. Effect of metaphylactic treatment with oxytetracycline on the interval of time from arrival to the diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease in ...

... if not all, applications of these significance tests. However, if there were still needs for greater values of v1, the present method of the triple ...

1 Flowchart of the sample.

... 1 ...

Table 2 Correlation Matrix of sample data (N = 48)

Figure 2 k-NN process of classification of unknown object. An example for k=3, two classes and two variables.

Volume 28: A Certain Doom

Figure 1: Full costs system (I).

18; 19.

Master Clans Conference Chapter (III)

Table 3 Summary of the studies conducted in the last 10 years on treatments for urinary

TABLE 1. General Epidemiological Characteristics

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As figure 1 shows, in both genders, the mean difference between real height and self-reported height was similar according to age groups and stratification ...

Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 23: Yami no Matsuei

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Master Clans Conference Chapter (I)


Comparison of phosphorus binders currently available ...

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Fig 2—Stalk population under green harvest with trash blanket and burned harvest.

Algorithm for the detection of unregistered diabetes in patients without a code for diabetes or prediabetes

where IPCOST is the average cost of the Introduction program and T > 3 is the average number of years for graduation from USS for those who do not graduate ...

Summary of recommendation grades and quality of evidence, according to the review of the preventive

Note: Earnings are total income from employment and self-employment, based on tax reports.

Figure 4 Measured values and estimated by artificial neural networks for v = 400 m min-1, a) was inserted GC1115 and, b) was inserted GC2015.

Table 1 .

Short Summary

Figure 1. Components of the DPSK transmitter used in the simulations.

Comparison of substitution volume, total convective volume, infusion flow, ultrafiltration flow and purified blood at different blood flows (n=23) ...

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Figure 1 ...

a, Records of daily death toll on the four farms from 28 October 2016 to 2 May 2017. b, Detection of SADS-CoV by qPCR. The y axis shows the log(copy number ...

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Cover of The Flash #105 (Feb-Mar 1959), the first number of the series. Art by Carmine Infantino and Joe Giella

1. Comparison of dialysis parameters in the five blood flow variation situations (n=23) ...

Table 1 Overview of research question, design, and methodology.

Reading Marx in the Information Age: A Media and Communication Studies Perspective on Capital Volume 1

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Table 2 . Differences by income, language, country, ethnicity, global health activity .


Vol. 26–N. o 1-2002 ...

Weekly emergences (% of n) from Hylurgus ligniperda, Orthotomicus erosus and. Cyrtogenius luteus from the four season colonization processes.


Figure 5 Measured values and estimated by artificial neural networks forv= 450 m min-1, a) was insert GC1115 y b) was insert GC2015.

Among patients with acute decompensated heart failure, a multimarker strategy including N-terminal pro

Table 1. Capitalist vs. Social Economy: parameters

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Figure 3. Banknote Production Costs and Currency in Circulation (2000 – 2005)

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Resumen de datos de temperatura en el Murito. Periodos del 22/11/2012 a 21/12/2012 y del 30/05/2013 a 28/06/2013, y días 8/12/2012 y 24/06/2013.

Next, we focus on the households' financial burden. The EFHU gathers information of monthly financial burden which is self-reported by one member of the ...

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To summarize, in our series, the overall mortality rate of DSF in the post-operative of total or subtotal gastrectomy secondary to gastric cancer was 46.2% ...

Figure 1. Flowchart o f i n f o r through the different s t a g e s systematic review

Baseline characteristics ...