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I am officially in love with bloodswapsltltltFeferi though And Vriska

I am officially in love with bloodswapsltltltFeferi though And Vriska


I am officially in love with bloodswaps. < <

Yay, I finally got around to finishing this! I might give more information on them maybe, if anyone thinks I should. c: Homestuck (c) BloodSwap Designs (c) ...

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Homestuck Bloodswaps by King-Of-Saturn>>>//I've never been so disturbed.

<3 And I just realized that Fef is wearing Eridan's scarf too and I'm so happy

homestuck bloodswap latula - Pesquisa Google

Pin by smilingApothecary on Hiveswap | Pinterest | Homestuck and Tsundere

Aranea and Meenah bloodswap==>this looks uncomfortable

If blood colors were reversed... (Karkat would be the most BEAUTIFUL QUEEN)

I am officially in love with bloodswaps. < <

gamzee makara His growth (?) I even love his crazy look. ;0) ——Growth picture (Complete)—— [Aradia Megido] [Terezi Pyrope] [Equius Zahhak] [Kanaya Maryam] ...

with mutant feferi and fuchsia karkat? not bad>>>>>ok but like this made me sad when I saw the cuts on fef

I couldn't find the rest if this art, but this is really neat

#mustard, #bloodswap, #homestuck

Left: Feferi, Eridan, Sollux, Equius, Nepeta, and Aradia Right: Kanaya, Tavros, Gamzee, Vriska, Karkat, and Terezi

The Dark Carnival by on @DeviantArt

karkat kanaya bloodswap

More information

the first twelve hiveswap trolls! what a lovely bunch

Humanstuck- THAT FEFERI. SHE IS PERFECT. EVERYTHING I EVER IMAGINED. AND THAT KARKAT. AND VRISKA. (I am partial to a freckly blond Eridan though)

Eridan bloodswap

Homestuck/#1256788 - Zerochan

homestuck Karkat vriska sollux terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia tavros nepeta kanaya

The 'Everybody is Dead(er)' AU < <

If you know what this is bro haha

... Karkat Vantas, Tavros Nitram, Sollux Captor, Eridan Ampora, Nepeta Leijon, Vriska Serket, Kanaya Maryam, Feferi Peixes, Equius Zahhak, Tumblr

Genderswapped Trolls :D *licks screen* Look at all the girls who are now boys and OMG Nepeta, and Vriska, and Aradia, and Feferi, and Terezi, and Kanaya, ...



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-Pisces- From left to right: Meenah Peixes, Feferi Peixes and Her Imperious Condescension/The Condesce/The Baroness

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Bloodswap nepeta!

steamstuck - Aradia

Feferi and Vriska, Homestuck

I kind of don't agree with Damara, but whatever floats the artists boat.

I love this au. Can you imagine the human's reactions?

Bloodswap Feferi and Gamzee

Mix of self hatred and influence, everyone here wishes for something or to not be

It's the girls yo

The "Everyone is Dead(er)" AU | Non-Anime Fandoms | Pinterest | Homestuck, Fandoms and Anime

moving this to scraps because why i do have shitty art you know Homestuck according to my nephews

this actually really helped me when i was new with Homestuck and reading it for the first time. | Homestuck | Pinterest | Homestuck, Homestuck trolls and ...

Bloodswap Karkat 8

bloodswap/kidswap davekat pen doodle this is shit (karkat maryam and dave lalonde)

Vriska-Sollux bloodswap

OH, W3LL LOOK13 TH3R3! 1F 1TS NOT TH3 L1BR4 F4M1LY. H3H3H3 >:D

Karkat, Terezi, Kanaya, Equius, Gamzee, Vriska, Nepeta,



I am kankri vantas

Homestuck,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Terezi Pyrope,Vriska Serket,Kanaya Maryam,Karkat Vantas,Sollux Captor,Gamzee Makara,Tavros Nitram,Eridan Ampora,Feferi ...

Bloodswap signless and condeces

Eridan looks normal though, like a blogger who hasn't slept for

Homestuck-Costume Change

Alternian Troll images - I love this style :D < < In order of star sign. And blood colour, except for Karkat.

Aradia Feferi Tavros Vriska Sollux Terezi Gamzee Karkat Equius Nepeta Kanaya Eridan < oh my god idiot, those are the ANCESTORS.

Best crossover

Find this Pin and more on Homestuck by Widow Maker.

BloodSwap | Tumblr

Aquariumstuck Karkat, hermit crab (no shell present in picture)

homestuck troll My art Fanart vriska serket vriska digital scorpio hs SPIDER B8TCH motherlarva

I recently read a really well written DaveKat story on that was inspired by ryu-gemini's bloodswap Karkat/Dave artwork, and the.

Vriska and karkat bloodswap

I still think even though he can be an add

#bronze, #homestuck, #bloodswap < But why does Karkat not have wings??

Homestuck, Celestial


genderswap equius and aradia [link] but boys are supposed to lead

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vriska is just like "i don't even care. do whatever the hell you want"


GT hoodied trolls!

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I feel like he would be in trouble in my house. I have 5 cats and even though they are indoor cats, we had a closed off 1 story raised patio that ...

Homestuck Tricksters

#homestuck #tavros #bloodswap #dogslug

Homestuck, Fanart, Fan Art

Eridan Ampora,Homestuck,MS Paint Adventures,фэндомы,Cronus Ampora,Feferi Peixes

VOLTRON [HOMESTUCK AU] by KitsuneZakuro on DeviantArt

Zebruh Codakk by hopelessMememaster

homestuck bloodswap - Pesquisa Google

Awww squee eridan Feferi I ship them :3 look how happy they were before everything got terrible

trolls vriska serket Gamzee Makara eridan ampora feferi peixes terezi pyrope equius zahhak Jotart Acquaristuck

JEEZES vriska That smile

I actually don't mind these fan-tiers. Plus, it's been stated that all the god tiers are single syllables on purpose.

Trickster Feferi, Eridan, Gamzee, Equis, Vriska, Terezi, Kanaya, Nepeta, Sollux, Tavros, Aradia and Karkat.

I gotta admit, genderswap-Eridan is cute. And Terezi is sorta hot. Dude, Im weird.

porrim X kankri - Google Search <----- Kankri if I were you, I would continue blowing that whistle

homestuck vriska serket nepeta leijon Gamzee Makara karkat vantas eridan ampora feferi peixes sollux captor

homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde trolls beta kids Karkat jake english vriska sollux terezi equius gamzee eridan feferi aradia ...

man-idk said: would tavros put the poncho on tho

Dude, you have to watch this

homestuck/peter pan crossover