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GOP donor to withold money to Republicans until they support gun

GOP donor to withold money to Republicans until they support gun


Signs are displayed at the ...

Mourners stand during a candlelight vigil for the victims of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting

Top Republican donor threatens to withhold money from assault weapons ban opponents

florida shooting

GOP donor: No money if no action on guns

PARKLAND, FL - FEBRUARY 17: Debby Stout (R) whose daughter was in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when 17 people were killed is hugged as she joins ...

A long-time funder to the GOP rallied other donors on Saturday to boycott candidates

Top GOP donor threatens to cut off contributions unless party supports assault weapon ban

Prominent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault WeaponsProminent Republican Donor Issues Ultimatum on Assault Weapons

GOP donor refuses to give more money to Republicans over gun control

People react after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Top GOP donor: 'I will not write another check' until candidates support assault weapons ban | TheHill

Hoffman said he'd stop contributing to Scott unless he backed regulations on assault weapons

Phelan M. Ebenhack, Associated Press file

Al Hoffman, Jr.

People sign up at the booth for the National Rifle Association (NRA) at the

A top Republican donor vowed on Saturday to stop cutting checks for candidates and political groups that do not support a ban on assault weapons.

Billionaire Mike Fernandez: 'Not One Cent' To Politicians Who Don't Support Gun Control

Top REPUBLICAN Donor: No More Money Until AR-15 Ban

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Top GOP donor launches gun control advocacy group

Chris Murphy, who launched a 15-hour filibuster last week over gun control. Some liberal commentators say the NRA's money has controlled Congress.

President Donald Trump arrives to speak in the Diplomatic Room of the White House, in


pp When do we realize that it's not about guns, not about pro life or "freedom" of every different kind, it's about how much money republicans can amass in ...

Republican mega-donor Al Hoffman Jr.

Local moms convene to connect out-of-town marchers with host families around Washington

Top GOP Donor Won't Back Candidates Unless They Support Assault Weapons Ban | HuffPost

mcclean parent

Sheriff: Of course I won't resign

02_25_GOPGuns_01 Donald Trump holds up a replica flintlock rifle awarded to him by cadets during the Republican ...

Thom Tillis, who oversees fundraising for the National Republican Senatorial Committee

The three ultra-rich families battling for control of the Republican party

Rummell among prominent Republican donors supporting ultimatum on assault weapons

The republican legislators in the US Congress have been attempting to shut down the debate on gun control after the 10/1/17 Las Vegas mass shooting tragedy ...

Al Hoffman Jr. In an email to several Republican ...

Dwyane Wade emotional about Parkland victim

Scott Israel SOTU 2

Bad news for some Republican politicians — in fact, most Republican politicians — who were getting donations from a major GOP political donor.

Donald Trump is introduced with Chris Cox (L), Executive Director of the NRA

How we know gun control isn't crushed by NRA money

Aaron Wolff, a survivor of the 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech, speaks during the March For Our Lives rally in Raleigh on Mar. 24, 2018.

Sandy Hook survivor joins March for our Lives

Senator Chris Murphy has led calls for gun control legislation in the wake of the mass

If you call yourself "pro-life & pro-gun", you're just a hypocritical, uneducated asshole.

NRA Funding & Loopholes for Getting Guns, N.C. Republican Senators Rank 2nd

Mitch McConnell is pictured. | Getty Images

Republicans tend not to care about issues until they effect them (from my own experiences w/ Republicans I've definitely noticed this).

GOP mega-donor: I won't write any more checks until DACA is

President Donald J. Trump

Jeff Flake is the Latest Anti-Trump Republican to Suffer in the Polls

Emma Gonzalez questions NRA spokeswoman

Meet the 13 Republican senators vowing to block a gun control law | US news | The Guardian

Michael Bielawski/TNR

Republican Gov. Rick Scott walks through the crowd before announcing his run for Senate on April 9 at ODC Construction in Orlando. (MONICA HERNDON | Times)

Woman from iconic shooting photo: I hate it

Oh myyy, the stupid is really strong with this one.

Meet Four Dem Senators Telling Donors They're In For 2020

Staff Photographer

Attendees at the 2013 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum in Houston, Texas.

A major donor to Republican political action committees, campaign organizations and candidates said Saturday he will no longer write checks to those anyone ...


Here is a photo of the Republicans candidate for President making fun of a disabled person. The party of Christian values must be very proud of themselves.

CHARLESTON, SC - FEBRUARY 22: Reality TV host and New York real estate mogul

Governor Greg Abbott speaks at the NRA convention in Dallas.

The NRA knows that every Republican has a price. Until this party stops accepting bribes

In this June 22, 2016, file photo, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks

Vote the GOP out!

... discarding all of the NRA talking points, and all of the Fox News sound bites that many of its members like to parrot. Here is when it'll happen:


Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors arrive in Tallahassee, Fla. on Feb. 20

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore campaigns in Fairhope, Alabama in December. A new MapLight

Republican state Rep. Rick Saccone applauds before he is introduced at his campaign event in

Tim O'Brien

You've been duped, Republicans. If you are so against social programs, then how about refusing the northern blue state money that supports the southern red ...

Trump is postponing the Putin visit until after the “Russia witch hunt”

Even when he led in the polls before the February 2016 start of the primaries, it wasn't clear if Trump would be another Patrick Buchanan or Michelle ...

Republican logic A few abuse welfare so let's get rid of it. A few abuse guns so everybody needs one.

John Kasich, a former 2016 Republican Presidential hopeful, smiles as he

The Daily 202: Republican judges warn of 'tyranny' as they block Trump on 'sanctuary cities' - The Washington Post

Image from Americans Against The Republican Party

Republican excuse makers, here's your sign.



Dems withhold cash from Montana special election

Florida beach reopens after 2 reported shark attacks

A conservative meme omits Republican support for a $6 billion cut that affected some military retirees.

Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick strike back

Fast-moving Florida wildfire burns nearly 40 homes

Dems stage election-year sit-in on guns, GOP unmoved

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin signed a law allowing schools to teach abstinence rather than contraception. Credit Seth Perlman/Associated Press

GOP Banking chair pushes Bank of America, Citigroup on gun policies