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Fire base perimeter bunker with 50 MG Vietnam War t

Fire base perimeter bunker with 50 MG Vietnam War t


Fire base perimeter bunker with .50 MG

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Bunkers on the southern perimeter of the Khe Sanh combat base, 3MAR1968. Vietnam VeteransVietnam War ...

M55 Quad .50 cal. Gun Mount it was a beast to fire (I FFV) and (II FFV) let ne tell you, it will light up the perimeter! I Field Forces Vietnam ...

Vietnam War - 105mm Artillery firing on Vietcong positions.

Khe Sanh Waiting in a bunker Getty South VietnamVietnam WarThe ...

... Attack-On-Long-Binh-Post-Vietnam-War-February-

Bunker - Vietnam War Era Photo

William Gallant at Vietnamese Perimeter Bunker, with Quad-50s.

US Army M42 Duster, LZ Schueller, 1970

with grenade launcher) and on gun jeep. "D" Trp, Air Cav Firebase Birmingham, Thua Thien province, South Vietnam,


Jim in his 50 caliber machine gun turret Jim in quad-50 turret In background

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FSB Illingworth at dawn on 4/1/70 just after the battle.

US Marine using a M2 .50 cal with scope near Khe Sanh, 1968,

In July 1967, men of the 4th Battalion, 60th Artillery, stand guard on

Soldiers of the US Army Infantry Division sit on top of a bunker at their fire base near Pleiku, - Vietnam War

106 recoilless mounted on Bunker 19, LZ Professional.

FILE ...

Tet offensive ChuLai 1968 1969Lance corporal Jim Janssen on the south perimeter of Chu Lai January 31st 1968. The Vietnemese hit the bomb dump with a rocket ...

22 Nov Dak To, South Vietnam --- Soldiers with the Airborne Brigade wait in a North Vietnamese bunker before their next assault on Hill 875 in Dak To, ...

In February 1968 Dana Stone visited the Marine Fire Base at Khe Sanh, Vietnam,

Assault on the Embassy: The Tet Offensive Fifty Years Later


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Daily Afternoon Randomness (65 Photos). Vietnam War ...

A GI of the U.S. 199th light infantry brigade walks through bodies laid out just outside


TetOffensive_03I - Wargaming Vietnam

Al served with the Security Police Squadron at Phan Rang Air Base from 1970 to During this era of the Vietnam war, U.

Vietnam War

Military Slang during the Vietnam War

M113 APC firing its 50 calibre machine gun Jerzy Krzeminski, ...

A U.S. Firebase ( Vaughn Banting,

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DMZ was a dangerous place along the border with North Vietnam in 1969

It also includes a trench section with bunker, CP bunker, and a fire control bunker. The interior set included 8 additional interior fighting positions, ...

TetOffensive_03G - Wargaming Vietnam

Vietnam War - First Infantry Division. U.S. Army 2nd Battalion, 33rd Field Artillery soldiers operate a 105 mm howitzer during a fire mission.

Australian soldiers with Chinese made rifle. ~ Vietnam War

pictures of camp eagle vietnam | Fire Base Bastogne

Survivors at 9 AM on 4/1/70

Another really cool thing is John made these bunkers for the guns, he did an superb job of design and painting.

LBJ — (1) Lyndon Baines Johnson, President of the United States during the time that the authors were in Vietnam (1967-68). — (2) Long Bin Jail, ...

1989 The Nam #30 Vietnam War comic Bunker Line VF-NM Unread Condition Vintage

TetOffensive_03K - Wargaming Vietnam

During ...

... and grass and ordinance damage to the north side of some trees caused by outgoing small arms fire from the perimeter bunkers, but no weapons or bodies.

11, 1968, file photo, Air Force medics race across open ground past bunkers beside Khe Sanh airstrip carrying badly wounded Marines to plane while under ...

Another, more famous incident was the Battle for Hamburger Hill (aka Hill 937 or Dong Ap Bia). Here, infantrymen of the 101st Airborne Division fought a ...

During the rainy season, mud was always a problem on a fire base. Fire bases were built by pushing all vegetation from the center outward exposing the earth ...

Dead Viet Cong killed outside the perimeter of the Tan Son Nhut Air Base during the · Vietnam War ...

pics by my bro Patrick by previous pinner

Its excellent survivability against incoming fire from the North has made firebase "Eagle" a number one target for Uncle Ho! Sappers in the Wire: The Life and Death of Firebase Mary Ann (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) (9781585446438): Keith ...

Dong Ha Combat Base And Airfield During The Vietnam War


Aerial photo of Chu Lai, Vietnam, and map of area, 23rd Infantry Division

FSB Illingworth from the air on 3/31/70 just before the battle.

Firebase Phu Loi , Vietnam My husband was stationed here for awhile, 1965-66

KYOICHI SAWADA Bong Son, Vietnam, 1966 An injured North Vietnamese soldier is led from his bunker by soldiers of the U. First Cavalry Division.

Vietnam Studies Mounted Combat in Vietnam | Vietnam War | Armoured Warfare

PICTURE: Combat Engine Vehicle

Marines under fire head for a helicopter at Khe Sanh in April 1968. (Getty

Phan Rang AB: Waterpoint Bunker, Outside of Base. Vietnames Workers. Vietnam VetsVietnam War ...

Vietnam War: 101st Airborne Division, Parrot's Beak, Cambodia, 5/7/1970 - 05/13/1970 (full) - YouTube

Bravo Marines fire 60mm mortars from the front lines of Khe Sanh Combat Base in February. “

Marines of 1st Battalion, 3rd Regiment set security at an abandoned enemy bunker on May


Vietnam War: Operation Dewey Canyon

Attack on Firebase "Eagle" US vs NVA

Contact with Vietcong (during Tet) - 2nd Bn, 47th Infantry, 9th Inf. Division (Jan. 31, 1968)

DEADLY BEAD - A soldier of the 2d Battalion, 12th infantry fires at a sniper during a two-day battle for the enemy-held village of Tam Dinh.

Pleiku AB Bunker 1966. Vietnam War ...

Care ...

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We set-up shop on firebase Stump located on the Vietnamese side of the border. We worked hard to complete our bunker before nightfall. firebase Stump was ...

Firebase Omaha .

1965 vietnam.jpeg

Battle of FSB Mary Ann Fire Base Mary Ann Vietnam MEDALS amp DECORATIONS US Militaria Forum

... it was immediately obvious that key installations were the target of the intense barrage. The Marines in fighting holes on the perimeter kept their ...

SP/4 Art Jaeger with then-Brigade Information Officer Captain John W. St. Leger in the Michelin Rubber Plantation, about 50 miles northwest of Saigon.

Unknowns aboard Huey at Fire Base 25 near Dak To · Vietnam War ...

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Fire Base T-Bone, Ashau Valley

LP (Listening Post): location outside of the perimeter primarily used by the infantry at night as an early warning device | Hue 1968 - Marines, pinned down by enemy fire during house-to-house combat | Photo by Kyoichi Sawada, UPI, Japan

The assault attempt is crushed in defensive fire at least a US team was wounded during shooting.

Diagram 7